Centenary Celebration

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Oakland President - Priscilla Abaya's Closing Centenary Message - September 24, 2022 

Good Morning Everyone:

Thank you for being here today to celebrate this memorable event, the closing celebration of the Centenary Anniversary of the Legion of Mary and the 60 years of the founding of the Oakland Comitium. The Oakland Comitium would like to express its gratitude to all the past and the present Spiritual Directors, especially to Father Philip who has been our Spiritual Director since 2009, 13 years of sacrifice and dedication, to Fr. Erick Villa Spiritual Director for the East Contra Costa and to all priests, active and auxiliary members of of the Legion of Mary. The 100 years of its existence is made possible by your and their commitments, sacrifices and quiet heroism known only to you and to them and our Lord Jesus Christ, paved the way to this part of our history. We have been all blessed to see this day in our lifetime, THANK YOU for your inspiration and love of God and Mary. We acknowledge all your efforts- the countless hours of works of evangelization not to mention the rejection, the humiliation and the rebuke that came along with it.

While the past generations of Legionaries faced what seemed to be a different challenges as we do have now, we share one common enemy, Satan and one common ally Mary. While the stage of battle for the souls have been set in different arenas, for them 2 world wars and the Great Depression of the 30’s; for us, the new computer technologies, the social media and the pandemic of 2020 we share one common strategy “the quest for salvation of souls.” This is the Legion of Mary system – tried, tested over the 100 years of our existence. In this system we began towards our personal sanctification through prayers and sacraments. Then we moved gradually to the LOVE of our neighbor lest, what’s the point of salvation, our ultimate goal. And then we commit the works of discipleship and evangelization through personal contact and encounters, we set aside TIME in order to speak to the men and women in their homes or on the streets teaching them God’s LOVE and bringing them to Jesus Christ and His Church through Mary.

Thus for the next 100 years we anticipate a more challenging arena for the battle of souls, today we have scientific and medical technologies that go against the Church moral and ethical teachings, modern day ideas that are attempting to redefine the most basic truths of God in particular regarding the gift of our sexuality as male and female, movements in the Church and in the secular society that propose the “new” catechesis about the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony and the Holy Eucharist. So yes expect the enemy to be fiercer and more cunning in the next 100 years, however we have the Greatest Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary our guide and protector – so to us who are here today and our successors in the future, rest assured that the battle of souls will be more difficult, we cannot give up nor discouraged, because behind our efforts and unyielding acts of Legionary COURAGE we have a soul that awaits to be enlightened and given God’s saving Grace. Le these thoughts be our battle cry for the next 100 years -Jesus and Mary are relying on us to bring a lost soul back to the bosom of their hearts. Thank you and God Bless us all.


Memories of Our Centenary Anniversary 2021 - Looking forward to 2121!